Who Is Bongbong Marcos When No One Is Watching? BBM Wife, Son Answer

The wife and son of Bongbong Marcos shared these things about him

Liza and Vinny Marcos shared who presidential aspirant Bongbong Marcos is when no one is watching.

BBM’s wife and son sat down with King of Talk Boy Abunda and they talked about their lives behind the camera and the eyes of the public. It is a known fact in the Philippines that the Marcoses is one of the most popular political clans and they have been under the spotlight since the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

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Following the presidential interview that Tito Boy did, he interview the wives and children of presidential candidates. The first episode featured the daughter and son of labor leader Ka Leody de Guzman.

For the second episode of this interview series, the wife and the son of Bongbong Marcos answered the questions from the seasoned host. When asked about how they are as people when no one is watching, Vinny said that his two older brothers are really “manong” to him, especially Sandro Marcos but even though he is popular, he is still a normal guy. Vinny said in jest that his manong Sandro is “very annoying.”

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When Vinny was asked about his father, he said, “he snores really loud” but he said that BBM is a “great father, mathematician.” Liza said that his husband is a chef and doing groceries and cooking was his bonding moment with his kids.

The mother-and-son tandem also shared a glimpse of how their family is when they are at home. They love watching movies and talking about music. At one point in the interview, Liza Marcos was asked this question: “the best thing about her husband.”

He’s very kind for someone so intelligent, he’s so kind. That’s why I married him” she said about Bongbong Marcos. In the interview, Liza also mentioned that even though, she is from the other side (political rivals of the Marcoses), she saw a different person from what other people have perceived.

The wife of the former Senator even said that with all the bashing and negative comments against BBM, she commends his ability not to dwell on those and still continue to see the good things.

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