Bongbong Marcos Nearly Fell from Truck After Pulled By Supporters

Bongbong Marcos Pulled by Supporters During Caravan Caught on Camera

Presidential aspirant Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr caught on camera nearly fell from the truck after being pulled by supporters during a caravan.

Due to some of his supporters, the former senator almost fell from the truck he was traveling in during his caravan, according to a video uploaded on social media. Marcos extended his hand to his fans, allowing them to touch him while the vehicle was traveling slowly.

Bongbong Marcos Pulled by Supporters

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Many followers, as shown in the video, are desperate to shake his hand. However, some of them are acting irresponsibly, endangering the presidential candidate’s chances. Marcos Jr appears to be shaking his hands as if he is in pain.

Someone had yanked him off the truck when he extended his arm to the fans again, causing him to almost fall out. Fortunately, he quickly grasped the truck’s post, and several of his bodyguards prevented the fans from dragging him away, based on the video uploaded.

Meanwhile, his son, Ferdinand Alexander Araneta Marcos, or popularly known as Sandro Marcos, nearly lost his wristwatch to a caravan participant. When a hand snatched Sandro’s watch as he was waving to the audience, he was able to preserve it.

It was unclear if the participant simply intended to shake his hand or take the watch. In the midst of the caravan, the young Marcos smiles and continues to gesture at the crowd.

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