Vlogger Antonette Gail Breaks Silence Regarding “Louis Vuitton” Gift Issue

Vlogger Antonette Gail & Whamos Made Clarifications About “Louis Vuitton” Gift Issue

The YouTube vlogger Antonette Gail finally breaks her silence and clarified the controversial “Louis Vuitton” gift issue.

Last February 11, 2022 (Friday), the public figure Antonette Gail has shared the video footage of herself buying her Valentine’s gift for her beloved boyfriend Whamos Cruz. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, the female influencer together with her driver went to the store to buy a gift for Whamos. She bought some items for herself and choose a belt and shoes for her vlogger boyfriend.

Antonette explained that it was her turn to surprise Whamos who was lying on his bed. She gave a Louis Vuitton belt and shoes. Cruz seems to be surprised and thanked his girlfriend for the advance gift.

Unfortunately, some netizens uploaded the photo of Whamos, Antonette and her driver inside of the shop. The photo shows that the three went together to the store to buy the Louis Vuitton gifts.

A lot of social media users lambasted the couple for making a scripted content. Some bashers even criticized the celebrity couple for making such video and hiding the truth from the viewers.

Antonete Gail

Recently, Gail and Cruz make some clarifications with their recent video revealing the truth behind the issue. Gail clarified that she used her own money to buy the items although Whamos is present during the purchase.

Antonette explained that Whamos presence during the purchase is necessary so he could find the right size. The couple apologized for the scripted act and give further details regarding the controversy.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Antonete Gail

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