73-Year-Old Senior Citizen Got Hired as Call Center Agent

Senior Citizen Applies at BPO Company & Quickly Got Hired as Call Center Agent

A 73-year-old senior citizen got hired as a call center agent after applying at a job fair event in Bogo City, Cebu last weekend.

A Facebook user named Rodge Tonacao has shared the journey of Lolo Rotelli Escanilla who got hired as a BPO employee after visiting a job fair event, The post immediately garnered praises from the netizens.

Tonacao narrated that he follow Escanilla’s application journey from queuing the line to initial interview up to the final interview. The elderly man successfully passed the examination and interviews.

Senior Citizen

Rodge that the newest BPO employee might be the oldest call center agent. The old man’s patience and perseverance paid off after waiting for a couple of hours just to land a job even at his old age.

Lolo Rotelli said that he just tried to apply with the hope to land a job at the BPO industry, He has high hopes of passing the exam and interviews because BPO companies do not look at the applicant’s age and education attainment.

“Wala namang mawawala kung susubukan,” the old man said.

Senior Citizen Senior Citizen

Here is the full post:

Followed him throughout his application journey, from queuing the line to initial interview until the final account interview. And I couldn’t be more happier when he finally got the job as the newest and probably the oldest (73 year old) call center agent.


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Senior Citizen

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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