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What is the breath and breathe difference? How to properly use them in a sentence.

BREATH AND BREATHE DIFFERENCE – Using breath and breathe in a sentence, the definition, and the proper uses of these two terms.

The terms “Breath” and “Breathe” are two of the most confusing words in the dictionary. They may look alike in the spelling with a bit of difference by one letter, but there’s a difference that sets them apart. They are undeniably confusing but learning the difference between the two can end the confusion and eventually learn which one to use.

“Breath” is a noun. The product of breathing is breath. It is the air that is inhaled and exhaled and it rhymes with the word “death”.

Sample sentences:

  1. I am taking a deep breath as I walk up the stage to give my final speech as the class’ valedictorian.
  2. It’s a breath of fresh air to finally feelthe sand beneath my feet and feel the warmth of the scorching sun.
  3. I was gasping for air to breath to make it to the last lap.
  4. It’s so cold outside that I can literally see my breath.
  5. Bad breath is such a major turn off!
  6. My friends waited for me until I caught my breath to keepup with during the trekking.
  7. Hold your breath for 10 seconds, then exhale.
  8. His breath stinks!

“Breathe”, on the other hand, is a verb that describes the process of taking air into their lungs and letting it out again. It rhymes with the word “seethe”.

Sample sentences:

  1. He’s breathing in my neck was warm and it made me feel uncomfortable.
  2. Humans can’t breathe underwater.
  3. Fish have gills to help them breathe underwater.
  4. We breathe through our nose.
  5. It was difficult for me to breathe loudly in front of those silent people.


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