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Meaning of proper use of Especially versus Specially, determine their differences.

ESPECIALLY VERSUS SPECIALLY – Clarification of uses of “Especially” and “Specially” in a sentence and some sample sentences.

Some English words, undeniably, are giving us some confusion in terms of their proper usage in a sentence just like the “Especially” and “Specially”. Defining how to use them can be particularly hard but actually, these two, having similar look and origins, in some cases, is interchangeable.

“Especially” is an adverb defined as “particularly, exceptionally, and markedly” but can also be defined as “above all” or “something more” when compared to other things that happen. This word has various applications.

See below and the sample sentences:

  • highlighting an object or a person in a situations


  1. I am mad at all of them when they let my soul die in sadness, especially my mother.
  2. Buying gas range is a smart buy, especially when there’s an ocassion and you’ll need to cook several meals at once.
  3. My boss is kind to everyone, especially to those who needs help and in trouble.
  • relates to the subject of the sentence


  1. A bouquet of red roses, especially, is the best gift you can gift to a girl on Valentine’s Day.
  2. You, especially, is my favorite person in the world.
  3. Tigers, especially, is the animal she’s most passionate about.
  • in front of an adjective to emphasize a characteristic or quality


  1. I find her selfishness especially annoying.
  2. Her laugh especially maddening.
  3. People think her smile especially priceless.

“Specially”, meanwhile, is used when something is done or made for a particular or specific reason.


  1. He specially went to that bookstore to buy this book.
  2. I specially wanted that ice cream for him.
  3. Ken got this roses specially for me.


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