Bongbong Marcos Admits Desire To Follow Late Father’s Leadership Style

Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos Speaks on Leadership Style of his Late Father

BONGBONG MARCOS – Former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. admitted that he wants to follow the leadership style of his late father, former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

The May 2022 Election is only a few months away from now and former Sen. Bongbong Marcos remains the frontrunner of the presidential race. In the official ballot for the next poll, ten (10) names for the presidential race remained.

Marcos Jr. is running under Partido Federal ng Pilipinas. Several national parties have joined forces to support his candidacy and as well as the candidacy of his vice president, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio who is running under Lakas-CMD.

Undeniably, the presidential candidacy of Marcos Jr. ignited a lot of issues including his tax evasion conviction and the regime of his late father. He has the numbers in surveys but he also has staunch critics who support the #NeverAgain call.

Bongbong Marcos

Recently, former Sen. Bongbong Marcos had an interview with DZRH where he spoke about the leadership style of his late father, former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Sr., and the alleged mistake of his late father that he wants to avoid.

Ferdinand Marcos Sr.
Photo lifted from Inquirer Preen

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, Marcos Jr. said that he does not want to trust the wrong people. He claimed that it was the mistake of his late father because he trusted individuals who, after 1986, he found out to be traitors.

Former Sen. Bongbong Marcos admitted that he wants to follow the leadership style of his late father whom he tagged as his “idol” if he wins president. Based on the report, the presidential aspirant stressed that his father is dominant in the lives of the Filipinos and he really saw how he worked. According to him, the late former President was a deep think and he really has the heart for the people – which he said he inherited from his father.

Marcos Jr. stressed that his father was very kind to him and all the opportunities he got in life are from his parents. According to him, he does not only idolize his late father but he also loves his parents.

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