I and ME Examples In Sentence – Sample Sentences w/ Correct Usage

These are some I and ME Examples in a sentence and some jot-down notes about their proper usage in a sentence.

I AND ME EXAMPLES – Here are some samples about the proper and correct usage in a sentence of “I” and “Me” that you should know.

Using “I” or “Me” in constructing a sentence is a bit confusing, right? They share the same definition and both words refer to yourself in order for you to talk about yourself without awkwardly using your own name. Both are first-person singular pronouns, but they are used in different ways. 

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  • when referred to as a subject in a sentence or the person who is doing the action or being something, the nominative case, like he, she, it, and we.

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  • when referred to as the direct or indirect object of an action or of a preposition, the accusative case, like us, him, her and them.
I and ME Examples

Here are some sample sentences that use “I” and “Me” correctly and properly:

  1. Lisa tutored me yesterday about a certain topic in Math.
  2. The delivery rider handed the package to me yesterday but I can’t remember his face.
  3. My mama told me we are all born superstars.
  4. The frisbee disc just came out somewhere flying through the air and hit me in the head.
  5. The weather yesterday did not look very calm to me last Monday.
  6. That handsome guy was gawking at Janna and me for a while now.
  7. Jim and I are siblings.
  8. Mikee and I are excited to go to the playgrounds.
  9. I am hurt.
  10. I went to school last Tuesday.
  11. Molly and I will go to the mall this afternoon.
  12. Nothing can come between you and I.


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