I and Me Examples & Difference – How To Use I and Me In A Sentence

Here are some I and Me examples and how to use them in a sentence correctly.

I AND ME EXAMPLES – This is how to correctly use “I” and “Me” in sentence construction and what makes them different.

Using the right word in a sentence seems confusing at times most especially when you’re torn on what to use whether “I” or “Me”. It sometimes takes us to gray lines on how or when to use these words correctly became by definition, they are technically almost similar. It’s just really confusing how to choose the right word and the I vs Me is actually an age-old issue.

I and Me Examples

“I” and “Me” are both words used when talking about yourself and also, both are first-person personal pronouns. Through these words, you get to talk about yourself without the need of mentioning your name. However, each one of them is actually used in different situations.

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“I” is a subject, or nominative, pronoun and “me” is an object pronoun.

I, the Subject

I is a nominative pronoun which means that it is identified as the subject in a sentence or the predicative nominative.


  • I went to school.

I is the subject as the person who performed the action such as going to school.

Another example:

  • It is I who went to school.

In this sentence, the verb is “is” followed by “I”, the predicate nominative, or another name for the subject of the sentence – in this case, “it”.

Coloquially or casually, people say “It’s me” but having it that way is grammatically correct and preferable in formal English.

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Me, the Object

“Me” as an object pronoun serves as direct or indirect object to the verb or as the object of a preposition. 


  • He loved me.

In this sentence, “me” is the direct object of the verb “loved ” receiving the action of loving.


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