Former PBB housemate Alexa Ilacad opens up about these two PBB guys in her life.

ALEXA ILACAD – Ex-PBB celeb housemate Alexa Ilacad speaks about reconciling with Eian Rances and KD Estra as her greatest “take away”.

When actress Alexa Ilacad admitted that she is attracted to Eian Rances, the whole Philippines probably knew it because they were in a reality show. However, the attraction they’ve had for each other did not prosper inside the PBB house. They faced issues and at one point, they’ve had this conflict and misunderstanding. But now that their stint in PBB has finally ended, Alexa began to act carefully.

Alexa Ilacad Eian Rances
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She learned a lot inside the house. In an interview, she shared that she thought of not watching videos of the housemates inside the house but then, as part of her wor, she believes she has to. She should know where the questions thrown at her are coming from and after looking back, discovering that some of them were talking bad about her behind her back hurt her.

By then, she started being careful with her actions and emotions. And when it comes to her heart, she is careful even more. She and Eian have communication and one of the first messages she received after coming out is the one from Eian and it’s accordingly a very long message. They have talked about certain things and as of now, they are taking things slow to determine whether the intentions are pure or where their attraction towards each other will lead to.

Alexa Ilacad KD Estrada
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She has since forgiven Rances. Alexa shared that she’s trying to prove himself as they move forward and “test the waters”. And speaking about another man in her life, she shared that KD Estrada, one of the housemates she’s closest with, is her ‘greatest takeaway’ from her 71-day stint in the reality show.

They got evicted at the same time on December 26. She said about the warm reactions of people about their closeness, “It really warms my heart every time I watch something related to the two of us, or just reading the comments of people about us.”

While inside the house and while everything’s seemed to be in haywire for KD, she was there beside him to give him the emotional support he needed. She always listens to him and the actress, on her end, admitted that she also drew motivation from him.

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