Alex Gonzaga As The English Teacher Of Team Kramer Kids, Here’s Video

Here’s a fun learning session of Alex Gonzaga with the three kids of the Team Kramer.

ALEX GONZAGA – Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin have a fun time learning a lot of things with Alex Gonzaga as seen in her latest vlog.

Former professional basketball player Douglas Kramer and actress Cheska Garcia-Kramer have three wonderful kids – Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin. They are one of the most famous families in the country and they are being looked up to not just because of their celebrity status but because of how they are as a family.

They have also brought many people into the real craze over their huge house. It has a theater room, a playroom, as well as a garden with a swimming pool and just all the amenities you can imagine and comfort they will ever need. And in the recent vlog of Alex, she featured the three kids and her, posing as their teacher.

In her YouTube, she claimed that their learning session was just for fun and as always, Alex’s humor would always fit in. She captured the three children’s attention and taught them some funny lessons like “Filipino Math” and others. She made them draw, move around, and she also played with them. She’s just as active as these three kids.

People admired how she easily got along with the children. Towards the end, Gavin even asked her when she’s coming back and this says a lot about their closeness. Gavin must have loved her humor and liked her bubbly personality. Also, some netizens notice little details about how the kids behaved such as them being responsible enough to put back the chair they used. Seeing their character, people online just admired Cheska and Doug even more as parents.

Watch the full vlog below:

And here’s how some netizens have reacted to this:

Their parents raised them so well! I love how they interact with Alex. Very respectful!! <3

The way these kids put the chair back says a lot how well mannered they are, pero salamat Alex tinuruan mo sila ng pinoy math 🤣

They are so sweet and respectful! Kudos to the parents.

Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin are such smart kids. Fun and respectful at the same time

The fact that Gavin is asking when will Alex be back, that means something. They enjoyed being with Alex and she is nice. ❤❤❤

they are very humble, sociable, and well mannered their parents raised them well👏💗


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