2 Police Officers Got Fired After Ignoring Robbery Call for Pokemon Go Hunt

2 Police Officers Dismissed From Post After Ignoring Robbery Call to Play Pokemon Go

POKEMON GO – Two police officers have been fired after ignoring a robbery call to hunt for a rare Pokemon in an online game.

Police officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell have been dismissed from their post for hunting for a Pokemon instead of responding to a robbery incident. The two neglect the call asking for help at the Los Angeles department store.

The two were wandering the streets searching for fantastic creatures while playing the augmented reality smartphone game “Pokemon Go”. The cops want to capture a rare Snorlax, which is difficult-to-trap Togetic.

Police Officers

The officials listened to the car recording of their conversation and learned that the two heard the call for help at the Los Angeles department store. Unfortunately, the two drive off to different locations.

Instead of responding to the crime, the two went to areas where virtual creatures appear on their gadgets. The cops are facing charges ‘multiple counts of misconduct’. The two even admitted failing to respond during a robbery incident in 2017 but denied they had been playing Pokemon Go.

The guilty policemen insisted in disciplinary hearings of merely talking about the game but the California’s court of appeal refused to believe them. The court eventually upheld the dismissal of the two.

Police Officers

Pokemon Go becomes one of the most popular online games in various countries all around the world during mid-2010s. Many people were hooked to the game using their smartphones to search for fantastical creatures.

Unfortunately, the game has been involved in various issue and controversies after people blamed fans for causing traffic accidents and other inconvenience in public places.

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