Chinese Researchers Develop Factory Robot That Can Read Worker’s Mind

Factory Robot That Can Read Worker’s Mind Developed by Chinese Researchers

Chinese researchers claimed that they were able to build a factory robot that can read a human worker’s mind.

China Three Gorges University’s Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Centre announced that they have developed an industrial robot that can monitor worker’s brain waves and collect electric signals from muscles.

The group worked seamlessly together to assemble a complex product that can read human mind with 96 percent accuracy. Aside from reading minds, the product can also pickup objects and placed it on the work station.

Factory Robot

The developers said that the robot could immediately recognize the intention and command of worker almost instantly.  With the help of this technology, the industrial work will becomes easier and faster.

“In modern industrial manufacturing, assembly work accounts for 45 per cent of the total workload, and 20-30 per cent of the total production cost,” project lead scientist Dong Yuanfa and his co-researchers said.

However, the scientists clarified that the robots can accelerate the pace of an assembly line but their application is still limited because its ability is somehow unstable and inaccurate.

Factory Robot

Over the past few decades, humans and robots have been working together but were separated by fencer to prevent accidents at workplace.

Dong’s team spend hundreds of hours of training to complete the invention. His team consists of eight volunteers. Workers will be required to wear brain and muscle detectors under cap and uniform for this function.

China also announced its plan create a global innovation hub for robotics by 2025, which a part of their smart manufacturing goals.

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