Sea Cow Found Dead in Coastal Area of Davao Oriental

Davao Oriental Residents Found Dead Sea Cow Found in Coastal Area of Barangay Bobon in Mati

The residents of Barangay Bobon in Mati, Davao Oriental found a dead sea cow in the coastal area last weekend.

The Facebook page “PopUp Coffee sa Mati” has shared the photo of a dead sea cow or locally known as “Dugong” in Davao. The photo goes viral online and elicits comments from the netizens.

On Saturday (December 29, 2021), a ‘dugong’ has been found dead at the coastal area of a resort in Barangay Bobon in Mati, Davao Oriental. The sea mammal’s cause of death remain unknown.

Sea Cow

According to the initial investigation of zoologist Amy Guanco Ponce of Davao Oriental State University, the female sea cow has an estimated age of three months based on its weight and teeth.

The authorities are still studying the calf’s remain to determine its cause of death. The experts believe that the young mammal got separated from its mother. Dugong can barely survive without the help of its mother.

Young dugong relies food and breathing from their parents. Calf this young cannot survive without nursing from its mother and being separated from their parents can really put their lives at risk.

Sea Cow

Pujada and Mayo Bay in Mati were considered as the sanctuary of sea cows in the Philippines.

The photos have a caption of:

Palihog ko asa pwde maka report ani bobon area surfs up resort.

Kron lang 11:20pm

Patay nani sya

(Saan po pwedeng maireport ito, 11:20 pm lang nangyari, patay na siya)

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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