Here are some of the funny and intriguing posts of Karen Bordador on Twitter as she is now out of the reality show.

KAREN BORDADOR – Recently-evicted housemate Karen Bordador shares some fun and intriguing Twitter posts that caught social media attention.

TJ Valderrama and Karen Bordador are the latest evictees of the PBB Kumunity Season 10. Karen is loved for her maturity, strength, and honesty toward other housemates while she is still inside the house. However, she got short in terms of votes and a double eviction also happened. Many people believed that she has what it takes to be a part of the Big 4.

And now that she is out of the house, she became active on social media. Twitter has become her specific favorite where she shared her thoughts, hugots, and some intriguing statements. Previously trending was #RelateKAREN because of her series of Twitter posts that caught social media attention.

In one of her Tweets, she shared her shower call experience. Since they have no clock inside the house, they improvised a “swimming pool water time” to determine their shower call time. They all thought they were called around 12 midnight to shower. But now that she’s out, she realized they were actually called around 2 am to 3 am.

She also shared trivia about herself. She revealed that all of her outfits inside the house were her dresses way back in 2016. She said, “I haven’t been really able to buy enough stuff when I entered sa BNK. I start really fresh outside!!!”

Also, some of her statements were intriguing enough to catch attention like her choice not to watch the backstabbing episodes as she doesn’t want to look at housemates differently. Indeed, they have built a special bond inside the house.

She added, “I’m more comfy to say it face to face than to go behind someone’s back… that just feels way more uncomfy. Keeping it real is better than keeping it safe and deceiving.”

Because of Twitter posts amassing attention, she clarified that her posts are all about herself unless she specifically dropped a name. As she mentioned, she is more comfortable with the thought that she did not backstab anyone through her cryptic post.

She explained, “Whenever I tweet something… it will never be about anyone else but myself UNLESS I mention other people’s names.”


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