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Netizens are abuzz over the recent vlogs of Wil Dasovich, the ones he uploaded after split with Alodia Gosiengfiao.

WIL DASOVICH – Content creator Wil Dasovich left his viewers abuzz over his recent vlogs uploaded following split confirmation.

In a previous article, the “Letter From Nepal” vlog of content creator Wil Dasovich has somewhat given his viewers a different code of what it literally conveys. For most of them, they feel like the metaphors behind the words are speaking about his love for his ex-girlfriend Alodia Gosiengfiao and how their relationship went. Is there a love letter hidden beneath weaved masterpiece?

He mentioned in his transcript about the mountain he tried climbing and how stunning it can get in different outfits, may it be white with snow or covered with greens, all of it shows beauty when worn by that mountain. It also stated:

“At some point the things you hold dear to you, you gotta say goodbye to them. It won’t be easy but you have to turn them into great memories and never take them for granted. Then you go out and you create new ones. Memories. In the end, that’s all you’ll ever have and you can always look back on them with appreciation for how they shaped you.”

And just recently, he shared the second part of his vlog and shared “how it ended”. His emotions and feelings are put together through his artistry and allegories. And people could not help but admire how words were carefully chosen to elaborate matters.

There was even a line that said:

“Even the aesthetics of the facial features. Round, high cheekbones and soft features that would make you think the subject is 10 years younger than her real age not to mention the incredible genetics.”

In the video, what he literally was describing is his trip with a bunch of vloggers. He did not just solely describe how beautiful the view was during their trek but also the downtimes and the hard times they have encountered before reaching the beautiful view.

He met new people and expressed that’s just how he loves it – he likes discovering and learning new cultures he’s not accustomed to. He showed his viewers how cold it was at night in Himalayas but also took them to a realization how all of it was worth it.

“You are the most beautiful mountain in the world; It’s hard to imagine coming across anything like you ever again. You are really are something special and up until now…the fire is still burning even if there is may no longer a purpose for that burning fire—it still burns nonetheless.”

Watch the video below:


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