Pinoy Big Brother: Tension Rises Up Between Housemates Due To Task

The tension between the two groups of Pinoy Big Brother rises up as competition gets tighter.

PINOY BIG BROTHER – The two groups of housemates for this week’s weekly task of the group are in for a tighter competition to get immunity.

For this, the housemates were divided into two groups. They are bound to make a tower and the group who will have the higher one will the challenge and will have the immunity to get nominated for the next week. The groups are:

Pinoy Big Brother

Group A:

  • Samantha Bernardo
  • Benedix Ramos
  • KD Estrada
  • Madam Inutz
  • Shanaia Gomez
  • Brenda Mage
  • Anji Salvacion

Group B:

  • Eian Rances
  • TJ Valderrama
  • Alyssa Valdez
  • Alexa Ilacad
  • Karen Bordador
  • Jordan Andrews

The first group is obviously at an advantage when it comes to the number of members and the number of blocks they have gotten. With this, the pressure is definitely on for the second group. Also, the tension and competition between the two groups continue to rise because their safety for the next nomination and eviction are at stake.

Eian, specifically, was being emotional because he felt like he was included in a weaker group. He was crying hard because he felt like the grouping was unfair. The volleyball icon, among the strongest housemates for this season, told the emotional Eian this, “Yung akin, wala pa tayo sa dulo. Nakakalimutan mo ‘yung journey. Nakakalimutan mo ‘yung saya na madudulot nung paghihirap natin. Super sad na feeling natin alam na natin ‘yung resulta pero wala pa nga dun.”

Meanwhile, without the competition, the housemates couldn’t help but miss each other. They have built this really close friendship with each other and such is frustrating them. However, they know well what they are into and as mature adults, they surely know how to manage friendship and their individual goals as housemates.

Watch the video below:


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