Generous Citizen Hangs Assorted Red Ribbon Breads on Railings in Iloilo

Generous Citizen Elicits Reactions Online For Hanging Assorted Red Ribbon Breads on Railings in Iloilo City

A generous citizen whose identity remains anonymous earns praises for hanging assorted Red Ribbon breads on railing in Iloilo City.

The Facebook page “Iloilo Metropolitan Times” has shared the photos of assorted breads from Red Ribbon hanging on the railings of bike lanes in Iloilo City. The post circulates online and earns praises from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that different types of bread from Red Ribbon were hanged on the railing of bike lanes along Diversion Road in Mandurriao district, Iloilo City. The residents were free to pick the bread of their choice.

Generous Citizen

The bread has been hanged by an anonymous citizen who has a golden heart and concern for the less-fortunate individuals. The identity of the generous citizen remains unknown.

Mayor Jerry Trenas expressed his praises and admiration towards the giver for his act of generosity. He admire the kind person who shows compassion towards other people, which makes him proud as the city’s leader.

“As I always say, one of the things that made me proud being the father of this city is the love and the compassion that continues to ignite in the heart of every Ilonggos in whatever situation we are dealing with,” Treñas said.

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Generous Citizen

The online community lauded the anonymous person for showing kindness and generosity towards others:

The unknown citizen’s action may serve as an inspiration towards others and may lead every person to do good towards their fellow countrymen.

Generous Citizen Generous Citizen

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