Phivolcs Warns Public on Hazards Posed by Pumice Stones & Volcanic Debris in Batanes

Phivolcs Warns Public Against Pumice Stones & Volcanic Debris Found Along Shore of Batanes Province

The state seismology agency Phivolcs has warned the public regarding hazards posed by the pumice stones and volcanic debris in Batanes.

On Wednesday (November 23, 2021), the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology reported that the pumice stones and volcanic debris from submarine eruption of a volcano in Japan, which were found in Batanes could pose risk to the body’s health.

Batanes Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer (PDRRMO) Dhan Esdicul reported that the volcanic materials were swept to the shores of Sitio Maydangeb, Ivana, and Batanes Province, according to Phivolcs.


The volcanic debris have been first spotted along Batan and Sabtang islands last weekend. The materials have been pumice and smaller-grained volcanic ash, which were considered as debris.

The debris came from the recent submarine eruption of Fukutoku-Okanoba Volcano in Japan last August. The hot and gas-rich magma formed as pumice rocks due to rapid cooling during the eruption.

“The eruption was characterized by violent explosions driven by the interaction of hot magma with seawater, generating white steam plumes and dark jets of water and rock fragments,” Phivolcs said.


The volcanology agency advised the residents in the affected areas to avoid swimming and other beach activities because pumice rafts may cause abrasion injuries. It can infiltrate boat engines and may block drainage pipes.

Marine animals can ingest fine ash, which results to fish kill in Japan. It could also cause seawater contamination.

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