Update on The World Between Us As Season Break Ends

THE WORLD BETWEEN US – The GMA-7 romance-drama is set to return to airing on November 22, 2021 after a quite long season break.

A lot of viewers were hooked by the Kapuso TV series The World Between Us. It is mainly starred by Kapuso actors Alden Richards and Tom Rodriguez and Kapuso actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith. The story revolves around the love story of Louie (Alden) and Lia (Jasmine) that are hindered by a lot of people and circumstances.

Tom plays the character of Brian Libradilla, the paternal half-brother of Lia. Growing up, he was not aware that he was not the biological son of Rachelle Libradilla, Lia’s mother, thus he was always wondering about the differences of her love between the two (2) of them. He grew envious of Louie for how he always impresses their mom.

Rachelle was against the love of Louie and Lia at a young age. She brought Brian and Lia to the United States and Louie was left striving for his dreams and looking forward to Lia’s return.

The World Between Us

After five (5) years, the Libradilla family returned. Louie did everything to win Lia, who tried very hard to be hard towards him, back. She even came to the point of pretending that she is in a relationship with another character in the TV series, Eric.

Thinking that Lia must have really gotten over him amid announcements of his pretentious relationship with Eric, Louie decided to let her go – the turning point that woke her up and made her give in to the love she still has for Louie.

Louie and Lia got back together. Brian found out that he’s not Rachelle’s biological son thus she does not want to leave their family’s company to him. He was outraged and he felt cheated that he wanted to take a revenge – which he is set to do with Eric who’s heartbroken.

The World Between Us took a season break due to the quarantine measures in Metro Manila then. The production did not want to compromise the safety of anyone and as well as the quality of the show. Meanwhile, it is set to return to airing this November 22 at 8:50 p.m. Avid TWBU viewers await the big change in the story.

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