DepEd To Add More Schools To Face-To-Face Pilot

DepEd To Add More Schools In Pilot Run Based On DOH Evaluation

DEPED FACE-TO-FACE – The Department of Education (DepEd) said it would add more schools to the face-to-face class pilot runs.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Philippine education shifted toward online and modular classes. However, as COVID-19 cases are lower in key areas, DepEd said it is preparing to conduct in-person classes.

Initially, DepEd, along with the Department of Health (DOH) announced 100 public schools and 20 private schools were part of the pilot tests. But, according to DepEd, they may expand further to “allow a greater degree of experience”.

DepEd To Add More Schools To Face-To-Face Pilot
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Based on an article from ABS-CBN, DepEd said:

From the latest transmittal of DOH, 484 out of the 638 passed their granular risk assessment as minimal or low-risk. We have also received several appeals from LGUs, including NCR, to have their schools in their jurisdiction selected in the pilot implementation

DepEd said that 484 out of 638 passed the granular risk assessment test, a requirement to consider an area low-risk. Additionally, several LGUs from different provinces appealed to DepEd and DOH to include their schools in the pilot classes.

“From the initial 100 public schools and 20 private schools, DepEd and DOH will determine the final number of pilot schools based on DepEd’s evaluation of school readiness and DOH assessment of the COVID-risk level.”

Currently, the Pilot runs for face-to-face classes in the Philippines will undergo a 3-phase plan. With this, DepEd and the DOH plan to gradually reopen schools.

The pilots would start on November 15 for 100 schools. Afterward, the 20 private schools would begin on November 22.

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