Karen Davila Reacts to Agot Isidro’s Question about “Mayor” on Twitter

Karen Davila Clarifies Appearnce of “Mayor” on Agot Isidro’s Post

Karen Davila reacted to the question posted by actress Agot Isidro on Twitter about a “mayor’s” appearance on Headstart.

Community quarantine measures are still up in the entire Philippines now. The wearing of face masks when going outdoors most especially in public areas is still required. A lot of establishments also require a face shield upon entry. Currently, the whole Metro Manila is under localized lockdowns that implement the alert level systems.

Recently, presidential aspirant and Mayor Isko Moreno announced that he will lift the wearing of the face shield in Manila City except in hospitals and medical areas. However, abruptly, it was followed by a statement from Malacanang stressing that the executive department has the jurisdiction to decide on that matter.

Karen Davila
Photo: MSN

According to ABS-CBN News anchor Karen Davila, the “confusion” caused by the different announcements regarding the move to make the wearing of face shields non-mandatory is affecting ordinary people. Thus, they had Manila Mayor Isko Moreno over in Headstart.

Agot Isidro
Photo: Philippine Star

On Twitter, Agot Isidro posted a question if the “Mayor” is a “mainstay” in Headstart. In her response, Karen Davila cited the confusion caused by the different announcements and further stated that they also had Mayor Zamora. She also stated that they will be having other local government units as well.

Heading the capital city which is one of the most affected areas by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines, Mayor Isko Moreno is vocal about a lot of matters including the fight against the pandemic in the country. He previously criticized the response of the government. Aside from him, some Metro Manila mayors also agree to lifting the mandatory face shield policy.

Mayor Isko who is one of the presidential aspirants in the Election 2022 said that if he wins president, he wants to use the budget in response to the pandemic to procure more medicines for the treatment of the people and to build more isolation facilities.

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