No Conviction For Marcoses In Reparation Law For Martial Law Victims

No Conviction For Marcoses In Reparation Law Says Escudero

NO CONVICTION – Although Martial Law victims get compensation from the Reparation Law, there were no convictions for the Marcoses.

According to Sorsogon Governor Francis “Chiz” Escudero”, the law “did not convict anyone”. Escudero explained that the law simply provides compensation for victims of torture and human rights violations during Martial Law.

Escudero, who is running again for a Senatorial seat said anybody could campaign in Sorsogon, even Bongbong Marcos. “My position would still be the same. If he will come here we will accept him and I would want our people to come and meet him and get to decide for themselves”, said the Governor.

No Conviction For Marcoses In Reparation Law For Martial Law Victims

Furthermore, Escudero said it would be up to Marcos to decide if he wants to apologize for his family’s “supposed” crimes. He said that forcing an apology out of Marcos won’t make it sincere.

“It’s also not going to be believable much less acceptable to those asking for his apology”

However, Escudero thinks that Marcos doesn’t have any plans to apologize based on his past interviews and decisions. Additionally, he emphasized that whether or not he apologizes would be solely up to his own decisions.

Meanwhile, Escudero said that he’s still waiting for the decision of the Nationalist People’s Coalition on who to support for the presidential race. Based on an article from ABS-CBN, Escudero said:

I will wait for the NPC, if they allow us to decide on our own then we get to decide on our own. If they choose someone which I’m personally not comfortable with then perhaps that’s the decision of the party member to remain in the party and not follow or resign from the party if he does not agree with the decision of the party

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