Manila Bay Dolomite Beach Closed To Public Until November 3

DOLOMITE BEACH – Officials have closed off the controversial Manila Bay Dolomite beach to the public until November 3.

Last week, Dolomite Beach had thousands upon thousands of visitors. As such, this prompted health concerns and fears of another COVID-19 outbreak within the area.

Because of this, environment undersecretary Benny Antipodra told patrons who went last Sunday to self-quarantine. Additionally, Bay officials noted how they couldn’t control the sheer number of people visiting the bay.

Dolomite Beach Closed This Long Weekend

But now, much like the cemeteries, the Manila Bay dolomite beach shuts its gate to the public. Currently, yellow police caution tapes are found at the beach’s entrance.

Still, there’s still a lot of bikers and people doing exercise near the beach. However, police quickly made them leave the premises.

Due to the closure, others just took pictures outside of the gate or near the streets of Roxas Boulevard. According to the environment department, around 120,000 people visited the dolomite beach this week.

The massive number of visitors left no room for health protocols to be followed. Moreover, children and infants were also spotted at the beach leading to several health concerns.

Due to this incident, children under the age of 11 years old are barred from entering the dolomite beach.

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