RENTANGAY: Car Owner Airs Dismay After Renter Sold Their Vehicle

Car Owner Expresses Frustration After Renter Sold Their Vehicle

RENTANGAY – A car owner identified as alias “Lyn” has expressed her disappointment after the renter sold their vehicle to another person.

Carnapping becomes one of the most common crimes not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all around the world. Carnappers are mercilessly stealing vehicles just to earn a huge amount of cash in an instant.

The authorities are enforcing stricter policy but criminals are still making unique strategy to perform their illegal activities.

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Lyn reported that she lend her 4-door Sedan to a certain John Robert Reyes Chavez who rented her vehicle. The two made an agreement after Chavez explained that the vehicle will be just used in Pampanga.

However, the lady discovered that the renter brought the vehicle to Cavite instead of Pampanga. They could not also contact the borrower during the deadline. She decided to visit the address of Chavez but found out that it was fake.

The car owner together with the barangay watchmen immediately went to the location of the vehicle via GPS. The new vehicle owner explained that the vehicle was sold to him for P250, 000 after showing fake documents.

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Lyn said that the scammer used fake documents such as “Deed of Sale” with lawyer’s notary. The identification cards presented by the scammer to the buyer were also fake. The buyer also agree to cooperate to recover his cash.

Unfortunately, a day after the agreement, the vehicle owner could not contact the buyer and the car is already missing. Lyn filed a complaint before the QCPD anti-car napping unit and sought the help of Highway Patrol Group.

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