Here’s Reason Why Isko Moreno is Open To Oil, Gas Extraction in West Philippine Sea W/ China

ISKO MORENO – Presidential aspirant Isko Moreno explained why he’s open to joint oil and gas extraction in the West Philippine Sea with private groups in China.

China’s invasion of the West Philippine Sea (WPS) has been a recurring issue in President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s administration. The 76-year-old politician said in recent months that the only way to retake control of the disputed water is through force.

Last July, House Deputy Minority Leader Carlos Zarate said Pinoy fishermen found a device marked with Chinese characters on the WPS. He said it is probably used in scientific research and the congress should investigate China’s possible oil exploration in the area.

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Based on a report from Inquirer, at the Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum yesterday, Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Moreno Domagoso said he’s open to oil extraction in the West Philippine Sea with private groups in China. He explained that he would do this because the Philippines currently does not have the equipment and capability to extract old and natural gas from the WPS.

Yorme also noted that whatever would be extracted from the area will be used to fund the country’s development. He said, “we don’t have money, we don’t have the facility, engineering, ability to dig oil.  Then we deal with them, we deal with our private sectors in the country, and private sectors in China.”

“When we dig, what do we get? Let’s just say 40 percent.  Whether it is 50-50, whether it is 40 percent.  Let’s just do the math, if we have 40 percent — hypothetical tayo ha — na oil na makukuha do’n, then what I’m gonna do with the 40 percent oil?  (The) 20 percent, I will sell and build Navy, build Coast Guard,” he added.

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If he becomes the Philippines ’ next president, Isko Moreno said he will build a “medium-range, medium-size” Philippine Coast Guard and Philippine Navy. He said it would strengthen the capability to “protect whatever is left” on WPS.

According to the report, the 46-year-old politician said he would have a list of priorities like food security – allowing Pinoys to fish in WPS. He said he would try to talk to China about it.

“In this case, WPS, first things first: I will work with priorities, we continue to recognize Hague ruling but we will work with priorities.  One, the number one threat to national security is food security.  Now, we must fish in that area as Filipinos, undisturbed, at hindi naharang, hindi nape-perwisyo,” said Isko.

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