4 Pangasinan Residents Allegedly Possessed by Bad Spirt From Acacia Tree

MANGALDAN, PANGASINAN – The town residents experienced chaos and panic after four individuals have been allegedly possessed by a bad spirit.

The residents of Mangaldan, Pangasinan experienced a paranormal incident after a bad spirit allegedly possessed four individuals. The local residents believe that the spirit came from the giant acacia tree in the area.

A witness named Lorenzo Viado who is a resident of Barangay Gulig said that one of the victims levitate and suffered convulsion. The spirit moved from one body to another causing fear and trauma to the people.

A 16-year-old lady identified as alias Jane said that she could not remember anything during the time of possession. She also expressed her fear after experiencing the paranormal even. “Sana po ano mawala na po. Sana po hindi na bumalik,” Jane said.

Another victim identified as alias “Maricel” narrated that she felt heat in her head and experience heaviness on her chest. She is hoping that she could recover sooner or later. “Kuwento po nila sa akin sampu na raw silang humahawak sa akin,” Maricel said.

The victims have been brought to the acacia tree wherein a witchdoctor is making a ritual. The residents also called a priest to bless the houses in the area. Parish Priest Minor Basilica of Manoag Fr. Allan Lopez said that the church would investigate the incident.

“Kapag natapos lahat yung investigation at sinabing hindi, para siyang extraordinary, saka lang natin nasasabi na spiritual talaga, bad spirit.  Kung bad spirit, tumatawag tayo ng exorcist para ipanalangin siya,” Lopez said.

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