Philippine & Japanese Biologists Discovers New Red-Headed Goby Fish

New Red-Headed Goby Fish Discovered by Philippine & Japanese Biologists

The joint team of Philippine and Japanese biologists discovered a new red-headed goby fish in Palawan with the barely size of a pinky finger.

On October 5, 2021 (Tuesday), the researchers from the Western Philippines University College of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, and several Japanese universities published the findings of their collaborative effort.

The scientists found the newly discovered fish in a freshwater stream in the beautiful island of Palawan. The species is a distant cousin of other gobies common to the Filipinos such as Gobius criniger or locally known as “Biya”.

Red-Headed Goby Fish

The fish has been dubbed as Lentipes palawanirufus, which is a Latin word for red-headed Lentipes goby of Palawan. The name is the distinctive coloration of the male species. The newly found creature is related to the famous Pandaka pygmaea that has been dubbed as one of smallest fish in the world.

The researchers said that the red coloration of the male species help them to attract mates but it is not yet confirmed.

“Lentipes kijimuna and L. bunagaya are rarely seen in Okinawa, So we think that these species we encountered here were born somewhere else in Southeast Asia and transported to Okinawa when they were larvae,” Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University lead researcher Dr. Ken Maeda said.

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Red-Headed Goby Fish

The Filipino and Japanese researchers were hoping that the latest discovery would lead to further success and innovation.

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