Bongbong Reacts To Leni Running For President

Bongbong Marcos Reacts To Leni Filing COC For President

BONGBONG MARCOS REACTS – After Bongbong Marcos’ announcement that he would run for President, VP Leni Robredo followed suit.

During the last election, BBM and Robredo face each other for the Vice Presidential post. Now, with the stakes even higher, BBM and Robredo would once again duke it out for the highest seat in the country.

Following Robredo’s announcement, Marcos was quick to react. According to him, he wasn’t surprised at all by Robredo’s decision. Based on an article from Inquirer, Marcos said: “Matagal na niyang sinasabi na tatakbo siya if tatakbo din ako”

Bongbong Reacts To Leni Running For President

However, BBM was surprisingly open to Robredo running against him. BBM said that Robredo’s candidacy would bring “good health for democracy“.

He explained that he is currently the only Presidential candidate who is allied with the administration. As of now, the Presidential candidates who filed their COC’s have had scuffles with President Duterte.

Meanwhile, Marcos said that he’d find support from the “Solid North” and “Solid South” after he transferred to the “Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP)”.

Still, it seemed like the Presidential Aspirant in Marcos wasn’t at all fazed with Robredo’s announcement. Marcos confidently said that votes that came from the Villar-led Nacionalista party that came from the southern portions of the Philippines would give him support.

“I think we could consider them to belong under the solid Ilocano vote”, said Marcos.

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