Ivana Alawi and Hipon Girl In A Vlog, Actress Pranks Brother

Here’s the result of the prank of Ivana Alawi to her brother teaming up with Hipon Girl.

IVANA ALAWI – Actress and vlogger, Ivana Alawi pranks brother Hash Alawi with Hipon Girl and this is how things went with their prank.

A certified prankster is Ivana Alawi and the people who always fall victim to her pranks are her mother and siblings. As a vlogger, she is among the fastest to rise and one of the fastest channels to grow. As of this writing, her channel now has over 14 million subscribers.


Apart from her entertaining vlogs, people online also love her ways of giving back to the people who are in dire need. She always makes sure to give something to people especially in the current times where everyone is affected by the pandemic.

And in her recent upload, she teamed up with Herlene Budol, also known as Hipon Girl, to prank her brother. At the start of the video, they were getting ready to prank random strangers by asking their numbers but towards the end, the supposed challenge met an unexpected major twist.


They were in this restaurant when Ivana challenged her brother to ask the number of a blonde girl sitting nearby. Hash wasn’t able to recognize that the person he was talking to was Hipon Girl, and just as planned, things perfectly flowed. Bu Hash, always the gentleman, despite being provoked, remained calm and chose peace to resolve the situation. Hash even apologized and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend any of you.”

He only flinched a bit when the man insulted his sister in front of him. But the tension rose up because the “boyfriend” was already yelling and cursing and Herlene, being the best actress, fired back at the Alawi siblings, “Dinadamay n’yo pa kami…hindi porket ikaw si Ivana Alawi, aanohin mo kami.”

Watch the full video below:


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