Sales Clerk Gives Free Meal to His Favorite Candy Vendor “Lolo Pops”

Video of Sales Clerk Giving Free Meal to His Favorite Candy Vendor “Lolo Pops” Earns Praises Online

A kind-hearted sales clerk earned praises online after giving a free meal to his favorite candy vendor “Lolo Pops” in Angeles City, Pampanga.

A Facebook user named Angelo Gadia Chingcuangco has shared the video footage of his heartwarming reunion with the viral candy vendor Lolo Pops. The video garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that Lolo Pops is sitting beside a business establishment in Angeles City while selling polvoron and pastillas. He approached his old friend and purchased some goodies.

Sales Clerk

After taking a Tupperware of candies, Angelo handed a plastic bag containing meals from the popular fast-food chain Jollibee. The elderly vendor can’t contain his happiness and gratefulness after receiving the meals.

The kind guy and is beloved girlfriend have also expressed their happiness after witnessing the vendor’s smile. He decided to pay a visit and share his blessing during the celebration of his 23rd birthday.

Chingcuangco narrated that he had known Lolo Pops since he was in college who is selling different types of candies such as lollipops, polvoron and pastillas together with its grandson in San Fernando’s public market.

“I would always buy candies [from] him and return to give them food from a fast-food chain. I do that whenever I see him, and it was very heartwarming that at his age he’s still selling,” Angelo said.

The sales clerk said that he continue his habit of buying candies and giving food to the elderly vendor. He is hoping that his act of kindness will inspire the Filipinos to do good towards others.

Sales Clerk

The social media users lauded the kind man for his kindness:

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