Isko Moreno Reacts To “Not The Real Opposition” Tag

Here’s what Isko Moreno said about the “not the real opposition”

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has this reaction when he was asked about the remark of some people that he is “not the real opposition”.

The presidential candidate has also received accusations that he is a Duterte enabler. In the Philippines, it has been a hot topic if a certain candidate is pro-administration or opposition, especially that the 2022 elections is just around the corner.

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📷: ABS-CBN News

In the September 24 episode of Karen Davila’s Headstart on ABS-CBN News Channel, the Manila Mayor was asked about the comment saying that he is not really in the opposition.

Isko Moreno said that having the mentality of “opposition or administration” is just the way of thinking of “traditional politicians”. He said that it is not like “agawan ng trono” but it is all about the life of every Filipino.

“It’s not about naming groups,” the Mayor said adding that he can work with anyone regardless of their political color. Moreno also said that he was able to do this in Manila. He hired individuals from different camps to work together to prove that it can be done.

For the Manila Mayor, concentrating on “opposition or administration” will do nothing beneficial for the people. On the other hand, he acknowledges that partnership is inevitable and that it can be helpful as well but at the end of the day, this will not go on.

Isko Moreno stressed that he is a candidate. When asked to describe himself as a candidate, the former actor said that he will continue the projects of the past administration that were done legally but he will not tolerate those who did not go through the rule of law. He added that he will also introduce new projects and ask for suggestions from those who are knowledgeable on certain aspects.  

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