Riding in Tandem Passes Away After Professor Victim Fights Back

Riding in Tandem Dies After Professor Victim Fights Back and Shoot Them

Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao – Two riding in tandem suspects have passed away after their victim who is a professor fights back.

Over the past few decades, crimes drastically increase and becomes very rampant in various regions all around the world including the Philippines. The surging rate of criminality has been very alarming.

The Philippine government and the authorities have been implementing stricter rules and regulations to prevent such crimes. Unfortunately, crimes continue to happen behind the knowledge of police authorities.

Riding in Tandem

Crimes made by riding in tandem suspects have been very alarming, which causes fear and trauma among some Filipinos.

Two riding in tandem suspects have died after attempting to assassinate a professor from Mindanao State University-Maguindanao. The victim identified as Daud Kadon suffered a wound from a gunshot but was able to escape the suspects.

Kadon is about to go home while riding his vehicle when the armed suspects ambushed him along the highway. The suspects make multiple gunshots and slightly injured the victim who is currently driving during that time.

The professor managed to fight back and shot the suspects who is trying to kill him. He riding in tandem died after suffering gunshots. The gunmen have been identified as Montano Silungan Usman anda Abdul Ambel Mama.

The police authorities would continue to investigate the incident to determine the motive of the suspects for attempting to kill Daud.

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Riding in Tandem

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