Good Samaritan Blocks Female Thief Carrying Stolen Cash & Jewelries

Good Samaritan Earns Praises Online After Blocking Female Thief Carrying Stolen Cash & Jewelries

A Good Samaritan earns praises and admirations online after blocking a female thief while carrying stolen cash and jewelries.

A CCTV footage at a jewelry shop inside a mall in Thailand caught the illegal activity of a female suspect who attempted to steal the money and jewelries. The lady thief showed a note at the shelf wherein jewelries have been placed.

The note says “Put money and gold in a bag. Don’t shout your life is yours. There’s no need to kill.” The female staff felt afraid and nervous during the incident and immediately followed the suspect’s order.

Good Samaritan

The thief even pulled out a knife to threat the store employee and placed the jewelries inside a plastic bag. The woman immediately escaped after collecting the cash and jewelries he stole from the shop.

The female culprit quickly run into the hallway and caught the attention of other shoppers inside the mall.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan man blocked the lady’s feet while running away from the store. It sends the woman pummeling on the floor and other shoppers hold the suspect to prevent her from escaping.

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The police authorities thanked the man who blocked the thief, which prevented her from escaping. “The civilian who helped to catch the robber is brave. We are thankful to him,” Lt. Col. Nattapon MuanKasem,” police said.

The Good Samaritan identified as Sompong Somnak said that some shoppers notice the woman’s act and he decided to sit at the suspect’s possible escape route.

Good Samaritan

“A couple that came out from the gold shop thought the store was being robber. So I went and sat somewhere near the scene and stuck out my leg right when I saw the girl holding a knife running,” Somnak said.

The netizens expressed their reactions to the incident:

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