Dominic Roque Sweet Post w/ Bea Alonzo, What #TiNik2021 Means

Here’s the sweet post of Dominic Roque about his girlfriend and what his hashtag means.

DOMINIC ROQUE – Famous actor Dominic Roque shares a sweet post with his girlfriend Bea Alonzo and here’s what the caption said.

The relationship between Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque has brought joy to the people supporting the actress. The fans and supporters can see that Dominic is a good guy and even the actress herself can attest that “he’s not just out there” to hurt people. In the early months of their relationship, she can also see that he is husband material and Dom also mentioned a podcast guesting that he can already see the future with her.

In a previous article, Bea shared that what she loves about him is that he really takes care of her. She is not used to this but she is loving it because this is his love language. To recall, Bea’s last relationship ended in chaos. The split was controversial and highly publicized. Also, she admitted that she was dumped and cheated on. And with the new one she has, she can honestly say that this is worth taking the risk for her.

And just recently, the actor has shared a post with her with a sweet caption that says, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.❤️”

Bea commented a red heart to it and the photos were taken in one of the places they went to when they’ve had a month-long vacation in the United States. Behind them are the seals of Elephant Seal Beach San Simeon. The hashtag says “TiNik2021”. The hashtag was derived from the combinations of their nicknames – Tisay of Bea and Nik of Dominic. The year 2021 also signifies the year they officially became a couple.


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