Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque “Nagkaayos”, Ogie Shares “Panaginip”

Ogie Diaz shared something about Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque Celebrities Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque “nagkaayos”, based on the “panaginip” that talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz had. Bea and Dominic’s breakup shocked their fans. Their separation has been the talk of the town these past few days. They got engaged last week and certain preparations … Read more

Bea Alonzo Must Hurry To Marry Says Lolit Solis; Here’s Why

Bea Alonzo

Lolit Solis makes claims about Bea Alonzo again about her age and about marriage. BEA ALONZO – Veteran showbiz reporter Lolit Solis says Bea Alonzo should hurry to marry so she can have babies. Previously, Lolit Solis was denied entry in one of the presscons of Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo for a new endorsement. And … Read more

Bea Alonzo Shares What Makes Dominic Roque Get Jealous

Bea Alonzo

This is what makes Dominic Roque jealous according to Bea Alonzo. Here’s what she said. BEA ALONZO – Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo some bits of details about her relationship with actor Dominix Roque. Before jumping to a commitment, Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo have been friends. And the Kapuso actress has always been vocal about how … Read more

Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque’s Sweetness OA Says Lolit Solis

Bea Alonzo

Are Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo being OA already in their sweet photos? BEA ALONZO – Controversial journalist Lolit Solis says the sweetness of Bea Alonzo and Dominic are being OA already in their photos. Celebrity couple Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo have sent “kilig” to people when they finally announced that they are together … Read more

Dominic Roque Sweet Post w/ Bea Alonzo, What #TiNik2021 Means

Bea Alonzo Dominic Roque

Here’s the sweet post of Dominic Roque about his girlfriend and what his hashtag means. DOMINIC ROQUE – Famous actor Dominic Roque shares a sweet post with his girlfriend Bea Alonzo and here’s what the caption said. The relationship between Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque has brought joy to the people supporting the actress. The … Read more