Jamill YouTube: Vloggers Return To Video Making, Here’s 1st Vlog

Here’s the first vlog from Jamill YouTube channel as they finally returned to vlogging.

JAMILL YOUTUBE – After less than a month of deleting the channel, couple vloggers JaMill returns to YouTube with a new channel.

Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad make up the name JaMill, a popular vlogger in the country. Their deleted channel has over 12 million subscribers already and the deletion has shocked a lot of people. Many people speculated that they are evading BIR tax payment and many others. However, in a previous article, Camille expressed that it is for the better and for the sake of their relationship.

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The decision was made for their relationship and to save what’s left. To recall, before all of these have happened, they have faced some controversies regarding their relationship. Jayzam’s multiple affairs with other women have been discovered. And now, in their recent video, they revealed that the deletion is the result of what happened. They did what’s needed to be done in order to heal.


They admitted their mistakes and faults along the way but they are now back with the better versions of themselves and returning to what they love to do – making videos. As of this writing, they now have over 160k subscribers. Although it was the start of something new for them, for many of their supporters, it was just like picking up where they left off.

After the deletion, they accordingly found peace. Without the channel, it only proved that they are not just sticking together for the sake of it. They are still together because of love. They also clarified that the speculations before were not true.

Watch the video below:

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namiss namin kayo ng sobra😭welcome back mareng camille at pareng jayzam🎉🥳

Welcome back Jamill💕 Been waiting for this.

Nakaka goosebumps naman mga realizations nyu nanay tatay!!

Yeyyy welcome backkk!! it’s really great to see the channel and the both of you again!!


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