Jamill YouTube: Jayzam Manabat On “Closed Down” Jamill Channel

Jayzam Manabat on Jamill YouTube channel speculated to be deleted or reported.

JAMILL YOUTUBE – Co-owner of Jamill YoduTube account Jayzam Manabat wakes up to being a trending topic on Twitter because of their channel.

In a previous article, many people got bothered after discovering that the YouTube channel of Jamill becomes not existent anymore. Their channel has over 12 million subscribers already and people online are not only bothered about not seeing their channel but also feeling regretful of losing their large following.


The YouTube channel is the joint account of real-life couple Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad. Whenever people online attempt to watch one of their videos, the result goes like this: “This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.

Moreover, a cryptic post from Camille fueled the speculations. To recall, they faced their biggest controversy yet in their vlogging career and it was when the multiple affairs of Jayzam got busted. The cheating issue was bared to the public but in the end, Camille chose to take the more peaceful path despite being cheated on and that is forgiveness. A recent post from the female vlogger said, “Finding peace is better than revenge.”


And now, on Twitter, after waking up as a trending topic online, Jayzam posted something. He expressed that they needed to explain because a lot of different stories have been emerging but they’ve got to grab their cup of coffee first. He wrote in his post, “Gagu teka nga makapag explain, kung ano among storya na nalabas HAHAHAHAHAHA! JWU! Sorna. HAHAHAHA! teka mag kakape muna kami ni Camille.”

Jayzam and Camille or Jamill as one are among the top vloggers in the country right now. They are also recognized for being among those with the fastest growth in Youtube in reaching a million subscribers.


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