FDA Warns Public Against Use of Nasal Spray Products

FDA Warns Public Against Use of Nasal Spray Products “Hindi ito gamot sa COVID-19”

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the public against the use of nasal spray products being sold at markets nationwide.

On Wednesday (September 15, 2021), FDA Director General Eric Domingo warned the Filipino people regarding the usage of nasal spray products. He explained that it is approved to treat COVID-19.

Domingo explained that the products have not be produced to treat the coronavirus disease. The nasal spray puts coating inside the nostril for a certain amount of time. It is not advised to use in places with air pollution.

Nasal Spray Products

The FDA chief said that the product could help to prevent inhaling pollutants and virus but it could never replace face masks. He also said that individuals should get vaccines and observe health protocols.

“Ito po ay hindi naman talaga for COVID. Spray siya at naglalagay siya ng coating doon sa ilong for a certain amount of time, lalo na kung pupunta tayo sa lugar na madumi, maalikabok, Maaaring makatulong siya. Pero hindi siya puwedeng kapalit ng ating mga mask or bakuna for COVID kasi hanggang sa ilong lang siya,” Domingo said.

The agency’s official stressed out that many Filipino people are patronizing products claiming that it could prevent COID-19. He said that the virus could enter in various parts of the body such as eyes, mouth and nose.

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The department said that nasal spray products were primarily made for nasal cavity and serves as mechanical barrier from particles. It is not recommendable as substitute to medicines and anti-COVID-19 vaccine.

“Authorized as medical devices which are intended for short-term use in the nasal cavity and serves as mechanical barrier from particulates,” Domingo added.

Nasal Spray Products

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