Jinkee Pacquiao Defended By Annabelle Rama, Slams Reporter

Annabelle Rama slammed a reporter who continues to criticize Jinkee Pacquiao every time she would post about her lavish lifestyle.

JINKEE PACQUIAO – A ” hindi sikat na reporter” was slammed by Annabelle Rama online because of her unnecessary critical comments.

In a previous article, Cristy Fermin attacked Jinkee Pacquiao in her program for being insensitive by displaying her expensive item amid the pandemic where a lot of people are hungry, poor, and struggling. It all started over the viral all-pink OOTD of Jinkee during her husband’s fight versus Cuban boxer Yordenis Ugas. Her whole outfit cost her over Php 2 million.


Fermin said, “At wala pong kahihiyaan si Jinkee Pacquaio… Andami-daming nagugutom na pamilya, andaming walang pambara sa lalamunan patungo sa bituka, ipagpaparadahan mo lahat ng binibili mo.”

The statement of Fermin against Jinkee went viral and in an Instagram post, Jinkee shared an intriguing statement about jealous people who do so little in their lives that they would rather choose in discussing yours. Manny Pacquiao broke his silence about this and said that what his wife does is normal for them.


He believes that whatever they would wear, expensive or cheap, people will always have something to say. But what matters most for the boxer is that the money they are spending for their personal whims and needs is not stolen. It all came from his blood and sweat as a boxer. He also struggled and what people see now are already the results of his sacrifices and hard work to give his family a good life.

And with the attacks still going on against Jinkee, Annabelle Rama dipped a finger to the issue and lambasted the “hindi sikat na reporter” who still criticizes Jinkee for displaying her lavish lifestyle. Accordingly, it was just “inggit” on the part of the reporter because she can’t have the things that Jinkee has.


Tita Annabelle furthered that it is probably her “hit and collect” tactic to earn from wealthy personalities. She would attack them on her social media and if the celebrity will send her something generous, she’ll eventually become silent. This accordingly has happened already with one celebrity who sent her a Chanel bag with a hefty amount inside it.

In pure rage, Annabelle wrote, “Ang kapal talaga ng mukha mo. Pinapakain mo sa pamilya mo yung pera galing sa mga taong sinisiraan mo? Mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo.”

She added that this is the same reporter they filed a libel case before the court before. To recall, way back in 2008, their libel case against Cristy Fermin merits “guilty” conviction. The Supreme Court ordered her to pay the sum of Php 1 million in damages and Php 6,000.00 in fines.



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