Is Yen Santos the female companion of Paolo Contis in Baguio? A video emerges online.

YEN SANTOS – A video has just gone viral and it shows Paolo Contis with a woman in Baguio City speculated to be Yen Santos.

A Faraway Land” actor Yen Santos and Paolo Contis are currently under hot waters after a video has surfaced online. Previously, a photo of the actor with a female companion in Baguio City has emerged online. The photos showed the actor’s clear face but not of the woman he’s with. There were claims of their sweet gestures towards each other.

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And just recently, a video of the actor while holding the woman as they walk the street of Baguio has emerged online. Both of their faces are covered with face masks and face shields under the broad daylight but the distinction of their outfits are the same as in the photo.

Paolo Contis Yen Santos

The woman was wearing a short bottom and a long-sleeved top. She has this long hair and by looking at her legs, she’s fairly white. Meanwhile, the actor was holding her interlocking her arms with his. He’s still wearing the same outfit just as in the photo which made people online recognize them. The face of the woman was not clearly shown but the netizens were quick to assume that the actor’s companion is Yen.

Check out the video below:

LJ Reyes just recently revealed that they are now separated. She spent months silently going through a battle she’s fighting alone just to save their relationship and keep their family intact. But he gave up. They are now in New York. She confessed that her interview is something she did for her children. She wanted to protect them from everything following the twisted stories that have lingered online regarding their split.

Yen and Paolo are the lead actors in the film entitled “A Faraway Land”.

Check out some comments from Twitter:

It starting to glow. The marites edition starts here with Paolo Contis and Yen [Santos] issue.

I am honestly lost for words. Anyare Paolo Contis? Kala ko ba in a happy relationship din si Yen [Santos].

From being jacky to jade in real life. Why naman ganon Yen [Santos]?

You should know his reputation already. Sayang ng ganda kung naging kabit ka.


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