LJ Reyes Confirms Breakup with Paolo Contis After 6 Years of Relationship

LJ REYES – The actress revealed the reason why she cut off all communications with her ex-partner, Paolo Contis, amid their breakup issues.

The breakup of Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes undeniably shocked a lot of people. However, now, it is clear to the public that the celebrity couple went through a lot in the past several months.

Paolo and LJ are an image of a happy couple – a happy family together with their kids, Aki and Summer. Many people are even inspired and impressed with the relationship between Aki and Paolo despite not being biologically related. The actress’ eldest is her son with her former boyfriend, Paulo Avelino.

Recently, LJ Reyes put an end to speculations that she and Paolo Contis have ended their relationship. The two (2) celebrities were together for six (6) years.

LJ Reyes
Screenshot: The Boy Abunda Talk Channel

Speaking to Boy Abunda in a virtual interview, LJ Reyes confirmed that she and Paolo Contis have broken up. She is currently in the United States together with her kids, Aki and Summer. The family of the actress is based in the U.S. and they own a mini coffee shop there.

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According to LJ, she could not rebuild her family, referring to herself and her kids, in the Philippines. She felt the need to take her and her children physically away from the situation so they flew to the U.S.

Paolo Contis
Photo: IMDb

The actress claimed that the discoveries and revelations about Paolo came to her in the past several months. According to her, she noticed the changes in him since the end of 2020 and his presence can hardly be felt at home. She admitted that she asked him regularly about it but he would allegedly dismiss it saying he’s still the same.

However, according to LJ, she has talked to a lot of people already and many told her how he acts behind her back. The actress did not go into specific details but stressed that what she’s going through is so painful. She is struggling to absorb everything.

LJ Reyes said that she does not want to talk to Paolo Contis now so she cut off all the communication lines with him. According to the actress, she does not want the “facts” she believes in about the discoveries and revelations to be shaken or “manipulated”.

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