LJ Reyes Speaks on Relationship & Breakup with Paolo Contis

LJ REYES – The actress is certain that she did try to save her relationship with her longtime partner, actor Paolo Contis.

The speculations and rumors that Paolo Contis and LJ Reyes have separated saddened a lot of people. Undeniably, they are an image of a happy family and many people admire how they are to each other and to their kids – Aki (LJ’s son with Paulo Avelino) and Summer.

Although they are not biologically related, Paolo has a very wonderful relationship with Aki. He is also known as a hands-on dad to Summer, his daughter with LJ. Videos of their happy family never fail to bring gladness to a lot of people on social media.

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However, in the past several months, little did the public know that LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis were going through a rough road in their relationship. In her recent interview with Boy Abunda, the actress stressed that she is really someone who keeps things private and she only wants to speak up because her children are involved.

LJ Reyes
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LJ is currently in the United States. She confirmed that she and Paolo have broken up but, according to her, she already felt so alone for several months in the past even when they were still together. The actress claimed that he could be hardly felt at their home.

Paolo Contis
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Describing Paolo as really a “home buddy”, LJ admitted that the changes were hard for her to absorb. According to her, in the past several months starting the end of 2020, he is usually out. The actress stressed that although there are excuses, a person in a relationship knows when the other is saying the truth.

LJ Reyes confirmed that she really did try to save her relationship with Paolo Contis. Speaking to Boy Abunda while in tears, the actress even revealed that they broke up but after a few days, she lowered her pride. According to her, she was thinking that the children may be needing a complete family so she talked to Paolo and asked him if he can take them back.

However, the actress said that the actor answered in the negative about taking their family back. Currently, she is in the U.S. and she confirmed that she cut her communication with her ex-boyfriend.

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