Russian Man Walks for Week to Surrender Himself to Authorities

Russian Man Living in Remote Area Walks for Week to Surrender Himself to Cops After Committing Crimes

A Russian man walked for one week just to surrender himself to the authorities after committing several crimes.

The Investigative Committee reported that the man walked one week from the village of Okhotsk heading to the police station to surrender. He confessed of committing a triple murder after having an argument with an acquaintance.

The investigators reported that the suspect had a dispute with an acquaintance during a drunken dispute on a reindeer farm in a forest of Russia’s Far East. The culprit shoots his acquaintance and two other women.

Russian Man

The authorities refused to give further details about the identities of both suspect and victims. The incident happened at a farm in the Khabarovsk region, near the border with China.

The committee explained that the man decided to walk from his village heading to the police headquarters due to lack of transportation. The culprit is located at a remote area.

“Due to the farm’s remote location and the lack of transport options, the man walked for a week to the village of Okhotsk, where he turned himself in to the police and reported that he had committed the crimes,” the statement reads.

Russian Man

Currently, the Russian man is under the custody of the police officers while the authorities went to the farm for investigation. The cops said that the farm is located deep in the woods.

Over the past few years, the rate of alcoholism in Russia drops due to the anti-drink campaigns and government’s move to control the sales of liquors. However, deadly incidents remain common despite the government’s effort.

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