Duterte Hamburger Ni Roque Statement Goes Viral

Duterte Hamburger Ni Roque Statement Baffles Netizens

HAMBURGER NI ROQUE – During his weekly “Talk To The People”, President Duterte made a statement that confused netizens.

Previously, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque emphasized that Duterte was the “Best Communicator”. However, with the way things played out during his public address, that may not be the case.

According to the President, he has never seen any politician or lawmaker personally visit Marawi to give their sympathies to the soldiers. He said this as he defended giving former military officials positions in his administration.

Duterte Hamburger Ni Roque Statement Goes Viral

Following this, confusion ensues. In his public address, Duterte said:

“Iyan ang ano ko, iyang ang.. doon ako nag.. naano sa… Wala talaga. Except si Roque, nagdala ng hamburger doon. I went there 10 times. The last time nga nabutas yung chopper. I spent hanggang gabi. Hindi ako pumunta doon,, Nagpunta ako ng hapon hanggang gabi. Iyan ang ano.”

Here is the full clip uploaded by News5:

Now, netizens are trying to decipher what exactly the President is trying to convey. Meanwhile, others are saying that Duterte was merely making a joke.

One Redditor commented:

Malinaw naman ah? Sabi nya….. Inano nya si Roque, may dala pa ngang hamburger. 10X nya binutas sa chopper hanggang gabi. Kaya hapon hanggang gabi nag-anohan sila. Yun!

Others jested that Duterte was relatable as this would be a “Me after 4 bottles of red horse” moment. On the other hand, some netizens related this to students trying to reach their word count limit on essay projects.

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