Husband Beats Another Man To Death After Caught Having Intimate Moment w/ His Wife

Husband Mauls and Kills Another Man After Caught Having Intimate Moment w/ His Partner

A furious husband another man to death after he caught him having an intimate moment with his wife inside their house.

Nowadays, cheating has been very rampant worldwide and becomes one of the major reasons why many couples break up. Third-party issues among couples usually leads to broken families. Unfaithful individuals cheating to their partners usually receive criticisms and negative comments from the public.

A man in Mangatarem, Pangasinan passed away after he was caught having a private moment with a married woman. He was mauled and beaten to death by the married woman’s husband and children.

Intimate Moment

The male suspect narrated that he already heard rumors and gossips about his wife having a relationship with another man. However, he could not confront the guy and his wife for having no evidence.

One day, the frustrated husband caught his beloved wife having an intimate moment with another inside their living room. The suspect went out of control and mercilessly mauled the suspect.

The suspect’s two daughters also helped him to beat the victim. The man suffered severe head injuries, which leads to his untimely death.

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Intimate Moment

The victim’s father is also crying for justice because of what happened to his son. He admitted his son’s mistake but reiterated that the suspect should report it to the authorities instead of killing the latter.

The husband and his two daughters would face corresponding sanctions and penalties for their actions. Currently, the authorities could not yet determine the location of the woman.

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