Jessy Mendiola Versus Vilma Santos: Who Knows Luis Manzano Better?

In a new vlog, Jessy Mendiola and Vilma Santos take a challenge about who knows Luis Manzano better.

JESSY MENDIOLA – In a fun challenge, Luis Manzano prepared questions to know who knows him better between Jessy Mendiola and Vilma Santos.

Currently, the two most special women in the life of Luis Manzano are his wife Jessy Mendiola and his mother, Vilma Santos. In the latest vlog of Jessy, a rare chance of seeing the three of them together on a single screen happened. The viewers saw that Jessy is close with her mother-in-law.

In a previous article, the veteran actress spoke about Jessy as her daughter-in-law and expressed admiration towards her. She can see that she is really taking care of her son Luis. She saw how supportive she is of what he does and how hands-on she is. She quipped with nods and amazement, “Wow Jessy ha. Ang galing ah!”

And in the recent video of Jessy, she announced with pride and white that she is finally sharing a screen with the veteran actress with her husband. They did the “Who knows Luis better challenge” where even from the start, Jessy already surrendered because it’s the mother she’s going up against at.

She and Luis have been together for five years while Luis has been with his mother all his life. She already accepted her defeat and they went on doing this fun challenge. Luis prepared questions about him to test how much they know him, his attitude, his personality, and his habits.

And while Jessy already accepted that she can do nothing to win against his mother, the veteran actress, on her part, said that she doubts it because it’s already been a long time since Luis decided to live away from her. In the vlog, it has been revealed that Luis decided to live on his own during his 20s.

Several questions have also been asked. Most of the questions are the details Vilma has already forgotten while the latest ones in his life are some things that his wife already knew like his third eye, his dream profession, and others. In the end, both of them won.

Watch the fun vlog below:


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