Bea Alonzo Happy Over Warm Reactions After Confirming New Love

Happiness fills Bea Alonzo as people warmly reacted to her relationship confirmation with Dominic Roque.

BEA ALONZO – Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo expresses happiness over the warm reactions of people after confirming her relationship with Dominic Roque.

“Apart from, of course, the whole infidelity thing and the whole ghosting thing, I think I’m mad at him more because he gaslighted me,” says Bea Alonzo as she spoke about being “dumped and cheated on” by Gerald Anderson, her ex-boyfriend. They’ve had a very bad and controversial breakup that even up until now, some people could get it with.

But this was a couple of years ago. Before heading on to the real work under a new network, Bea had a month-long vacation United States with Dominic Roque and admitted that they are officially a couple after some months of rumors. She finally admitted it because she wanted to share her happiness with other people and they can definitely see how happy she is with him.

In her latest travel vlog, they saw how sweet Dominic is towards her and how caring he is with her. They believe it’s the kind of love Bea deserves given her past painful experiences from a previous relationship. In a previous article, she said that her mother is happy with their relationship and is so supportive. She never did interfere in any decisions she makes in her life and she’s just happy because her mother is just there to support her and guide her.

Apart from her mother, netizens also went “kilig” when they finally admitted their relationship. They are happy for the new love of Bea and they can see that they are really a match. In receiving much support, warmth, and love from the people after the confession, Bea expressed her happiness over it.

She is happy with the positive feedback they earned. She said, “I’m just happy na maraming kinikilig. I mean, anything that would make another person’s life lighter, why not, di ba? Bakit mo naman hindi ibibigay? I’m just happy na maganda yung pagtanggap nila.”

At first, she doesn’t have any plans yet of confirming it. Even the confession wasn’t planned. She just felt like it was time already to finally confirm it and so she did. There were precious moments she could not help but share with her followers and finally ending the rumors, they finally confirmed that they are together officially.


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