Vilma Santos Simple Advice In Dealing w/ Sadness Amid Pandemic: ‘Don’t worry too much’

Vilma Santos shares how she deals with the current situation of the world

Star for all Season Vilma Santos has this simple advice when it comes to dealing with the complications brought by the pandemic.

Just like normal people in the Philippines, celebrities like Ate Vi, who is also a congresswoman in Batangas, also goes through a hard time nowadays. In a recent Facebook Live with her sons Ryan Christian Recto and Luis Manzano, as well as the latter’s wife Jessy Mendiola, the actress-politician was asked to give her advice when it comes to handling mental health issues during this current crisis.

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She said that it is just normal to experience this as she also experienced it. “Don’t worry too much. We’ve all gone through this, especially since we have been dealing with COVID-19 for over a year and a half now,” Vilma Santos said.
She admitted that she felt anxious, sad, and waking up with negative thoughts in her head. Ate Vi also said that at times she would ask if what will happen today. However, she knows that she had to fight these kinds of thoughts and she had to expel negativity out of her system.

In order to deal with the negative emotions that she is feeling, she would pray and exercise. “I would also remind myself to think only of positive things. I then keep myself productive with Zoom meetings at work,” the veteran actress said.

Vilma Santos also stressed the importance of having her family with her. Just by looking at the members of her family, Ate Vi would be overwhelmed with the feeling of gratefulness.

“Also, it’s best if you stay connected with your friends. Talk with them, pray with them. But, if you feel that the anxiety attacks are getting worse, don’t be ashamed to ask for help from professionals,” she added.
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