Kathryn Bernardo Has This Skin Problem, Dra. Aivee Teo Explains

Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo has this skin condition.

KATHRYN BERNARDO – Famous ABS-CBN star Kathryn Bernardo has this common skin condition and Dra. Aivee Teo has this explanation about it.

After having a consultation with Dr. Aivee Teo, actress Kathryn Bernardo discovers a common skin condition that she has. In the latest vlog of the beauty doctor, she documented the visit of the actress to her clinic with her friend actress Sofia Andres.


In the video, while inspecting her back, Dra. Aivee that she has this condition called Pityriasis Alba characterized by red, scaly patches, and these patches then resolve to leave areas of scaling hypo-pigmentation or lighter coloration. As per the doctor, this condition is caused after getting sunburn where white patches seem to appear.

The actress asked her doctor if she can resolve it by staying under the sun again but was told that such will only make dark areas darker and light areas lighter. She added, “You know kids when they play sports, they have parang ‘an-an’ sa mukha? So, this is the same.”


Also in the same video, Kath did Aivee clinic’s Dr. Food which helped her to reach her weight goal. It showed that she started a diet plan with them and her weight loss journey started last May. She underwent an InBody session and had a consultation with the in-house nutritionist for guidance in terms of the foods she eats so as not to sabotage her weight loss plan.

Her diet “brings individualized meals that are chef-curated and nutritionist-approved.” She also used this machine that does a comprehensive body assessment and shows accurate changes in the fat mass, muscle mass, and body mass percentage.

From 55.1 kg, she’s now 51.5 kg.

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